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Residence Hall Policing Increased

A second residence hall incident has initiated more policing in residence halls on campus, according to an email to all students this afternoon from Chief of Police Mike DelGreco. Last Sunday, a male student, Charles McAndrew was arrested in the Deegan area for assaulting a police officer, and indecent exposure, among other alleged charges. McAndrew was ordered to a drug rehab clinic in his hometown.

DelGreco notified students of an incident in which two male non-students talked their way into a female dorm room. According to the statement, when the female student asked a male student to ask the subjects to leave, the two non-students physically assaulted the male student.

DelGreco prvided a description of the two male non-students. The first subject, whose name may be “Alex” is approximitley 6’1″ and 195 pounds, with a muscular build. The second subject, whose name may be “Tim” was described as being 5’10”.

DelGreco has urged anyone who comes in contact with the two men to contact Police Services immediately. Police Service can be reached at 5911 and 5555 from on campus phone lines, and 978-837-5911 from cell phones, or by one of the police call boxes located throughout campus.

“Student safety is of paramount importance and is a concern the whole community shares,” said DelGreco.

Police Services has issued the following safety tips:

We ask students for their cooperation in maintaining the security of residence halls.
Please remenmber the following:

First, all external residence doors are equipped with swipe cards which must be used for entry to the building.

Second, never allow people you don’t know to “piggyback” behind you into the building.

Additionally, as a reminder, do not leave your doors or windows to your room unlocked , even if away for a short time.
Please notify Physical Plant at 5-Fix (Ext. 5349) with door lock or window issues.

Report ANY suspicious person(s) or activity immediately to Police Services (Ext. 5911).

Should you have any questions, please contact Police Services at 978-837-5555.

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