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Deegan Incident Leads to Arrest of Student

Charles McAndrew, 20, was arrested by Merrimack College Police Services outside Deegan West Sunday night. In an email to Deegan residents from a campus official, the college will address all violations through the student conduct system and any violations of Massachusetts state laws will be handled through the Lawrence District Court.

 McAndrew, who is from Connecticut, was arrested for assaulting a police officer, destruction of property, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. There is a Charles McAndrew listed in the Merrimack College email directory.

The Eagle Tribune reported that according to police reports, McAndrew said to a police officer he had “taken way too much acid.” The Tribune also reported that he allegedly harassed numerous female students. McAndrew was ordered to enter a drug rehabilitation program in his hometown of Kent, CT.

At 8pm on Monday night, a community meeting was held in the Deegan West seminar room with members of the Deegan residencies, Police Services, Residence Life, Campus Ministry, and other campus officials.

Chief Mike Delgreco of Merrimack College Police Services could not comment on the incident, as the investigation is ongoing.

Jeff Doggett, chief of staff to President Hopey was not available for comment.


The email to Deegan Residents also listed safety tips for students, to not prop doors open, carry their Mack Card, and that counseling services are available at Hamel Health.



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