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Modern Day Warrior to Commence in Less than a Week

Patrick J. Lawlor, Editor in Chief

Next Saturday I will start my four month writing project which I have dubbed ” The Modern Day Warrior.” I know–it’s a cheesy name, but I had to call it something, and if I can make it through this; I’ll consider myself a warrior.

So beginning on Saturday, September 15, I will become a vegetarian. I will consume no meat until October 15. Every week, I’ll post something on how my week has gone on this site, and all of my entries can be found on the top of the home page under the tab “Modern Day Warrior Project.” It can also be found in each edition of The Beacon.

I am thrilled at the support I have received from friends and members of the Merrimack Community. Jay Degioia, the general manager of Merrimack Dining has vowed to join me in my month without meat. Degioia and his Sodexo team will also highlight their vegetarian options at our dining hall, Sparky’s Place.

I will not only be writing about my journey through another lifestyle, but also what it means to be a vegetarian. World Vegetarian Day is October 1, right in the middle of my month long deprivation. I will attempt to understand why people choose a lifestyle without meat, and I will hopefully gain a new perspective. I am looking forward to this as both a writing project and an experiential learning project.

Thank for reading, I am looking forward to getting started!

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