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College Accepts Hofmann Resignation

The college announced today that they have accepted the resignation of Glenn Hofmann, Merrimack’s athletic director who was put on paid leave on July 2, 2012 and was investigated by an outside Boston law firm.

According to the college, the investigation involved allegations of misconduct and results of the investigation were personnel based, which the college does not comment on.

In an interview with The Beacon, Jeff Doggett, chief of staff to President Christopher Hopey said that Hofmann’s wife, who was an Assistant Vice President in Advancement at Merrimack was no longer with the college.

With Hofmann no longer in the top post of the Athletic Department, Dean O’Keefe will lead the athletic department along with head hockey coach Mark Dennehy and head women’s basketball coach Monique LeBlanc, who were both promoted to associate athletic director according to a later statement put out by the Athletics communications department.

“Hofmann’s resignation will in no way effect the College’s move to Division 1 or the additions to the Volpe Athletic Center,” said Doggett
A national search for Athletic Director will begin in the fall.

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