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Off Campus Residence Options Change

Patrick Lawlor Editor in Chief

In an email to all students at 8:37 this morning, Dean of Campus Life Donna Swartwout announced that the college would no longer be seeking St. Francis Hall as an off campus housing option for students. Instead, students can live at the Marriott Residence Inn in Andover.

The Marriott, according to Swartwout’s statement is the “cleanest and safest option that offers the best residential experience for students.”

The rooming accommodations will include apartment style units with wireless internet access, cable tv jacks, a microwave, and a small kitchen area with tables and chairs.

Students will be responsible for their own linens, just like on campus, and there will be a cleaning service twice a week. There will be a hot breakfast served each morning, and students living at the Marriott will be required to have at least a “five” meal plan, and be charged the same rate as the on campus apartments. There is also an indoor swimming pool and fitness center that will be available for students living there.

There will be a resident director and two graduate students living at the Marriott.

The college will provide transportation to and from the Marriott, and parking will be available for those students who live there that have cars.

According to the statement, rooming changes will continue through August 13.

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