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Help 'Gas Out' Cut Cost

Kristina Williamson ’14, Staff Writer

Gas prices  in the state of Massachusetts have risen  16 cents in the span of just one month this year. Hovering around $3.92 a gallon by this time, gas has become one of Massachusetts’ constant problems.

In a collective community, there is not much any individual can do about this pricey dilemma unless it is a group effort. On Thursday, April 19, the nation is urged to go on a strike against gas for the whole day: 2012’s Gas Out.

This means that participants should make sure to buy their gas either the night before or the day after April 19t so that the day is left without the need of purchasing gasoline.  If played correctly, with enough participants, organizers hope gas prices will drop at least 10 cents overnight, causing millions of dollars worth of savings. Not only will this help residents of Massachusetts (who seem to have among the highest going prices for gas so far) but it will also positively affect every state. If the consumer demand is low and the supply is high, the economics could drive oil companies to lower their prices. Being residents of Massachusetts, it would be easy for Merrimack students to come together as a body and participate in this gas out next week.

When asked about the event, Samantha Sanchez , a sophomore at Merrimack,  said, “I have nothing to lose by participating next week. The prices for gas are said to be around $4 a gallon by next month, so whether the Gas Out works or doesn’t, nobody’s really losing.”

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