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Hopey Announces Two Million Dollar Gift, Affirms Division I Plans

Patrick Lawlor, Associate Editor in Chief

Today at 11:58 am, President Christopher E. Hopey announced to the Merrimack College Community in an emailed statement that Richard and Susanna Gallant have provided an unrestricted gift of two million dollars to the college. The statement said the gift would support the Agenda for Distinction, the colleges multi-year strategic plan. What aspect of the Agenda of Distinction the gift would benefit was not released in the statement.

Richard Gallant is a member of the President’s Advisory Board and President of the Middlesex Islanders Youth Hockey Team. The Islanders is one of the College’s partners in the Volpe Expansion Project, which is now slated to begin in the summer, according to the statement.

The Volpe Expansion project will add a second ice rink to the facilities. According to video rendered by the architect, the logo of the Middlesex Islanders is at center ice.

“The facility will also provide space for a new bookstore, a new lobby, a new athletics hall of fame, an enhanced student athlete facility for our move to Division 1, as well as provides a second practice ice rink for the College and a home for the Middlesex Islanders,” said President Hopey in the statement.

This will be the second major project in the Volpe Center in just two years. The Lawler Completion project created a new ice bed, chair-back seating and a student section.

“This is an exciting time at Merrimack College and I would like to thank you all for your continued dedication and support. This gift is a fundamental investment in the College’s future and will assist us in our efforts to become a highly ranked, internationally respected, selective masters comprehensive Catholic college,” said Hopey.

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