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Conservative Group Angry About Gay Marriage on Locally Created Comic


HAVERHILL — According to a report by the Eagle-Tribune, a conservative group has lashed out against the popular “Archie” comic. “Archie” was created by Bob Montana, a Haverhill native, and his fictional “Riverdale High” was based on Haverhill High School. The group OneMillionMoms has pleaded with Toys R Us, the popular toy store, to ban “Life with Archie Number 16” from its shelves because the comic brings a gay character to Riverdale High to engage in a gay marriage. “Unfortunately, children are now being exposed to same-sex marriage in a toy store, said OneMillionMom’s website. “This is the last place a parent would expect to be confronted with questions from their children on topics that are too complicated for them to understand,” the statement read.

Lawrence School Receiver Appoints Key Administrators


LAWRENCE — The state-appointed superintendent of schools in Lawrence, Jeffrey C. Riley has named three new administrators to his staff, two hailing from Boston schools and one, a Lawrence High graduate, according to the Eagle-Tribune. Dale Libkin, who has served as director of performance management in Boston Public Schools will start this week as assistant superintendent for teacher effectiveness. Marilese Rodriguez-Garcia, a senior project manager for Boston Public Schools will become Riley’s chief of staff, and a non-profit leader Shalimar Quiles will become the school system’s reengagement director.

Riley was appointed by the state to revamp the Lawrence schools after years of mis-management and underperformance. Before Riley’s appointment the school system was being run on an interim basis by an assistant superintendent of schools. The former superintendent, Wilfredo Laboy was indicted and is facing charges related to the mis-management of the school system and using school property and resources to his personal benefit. The city of Lawrence’s school system is nearly entirely funded by the state. When Mayor William Lantigua took office in 2010, he was also a state representative, a post he was hoping to keep even after being elected. The Massachusetts legislature would only fund Lawrence schools of he left the Beacon Hill post.

Grand Jury Investigation Continues as Key City Employees are Subpoenaed


LAWRENCE — An Essex County grand jury investigating Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua handed down another subpoena yesterday to Lawrence’s deputy police chief, Max Bonilla. Bonilla was served the subpoena by a member of the state police and an FBI agent at police headquarters yesterday. Bonilla was Lantigua’s campaign manager, and a sergeant on the Lawrence police during Lantigua’s campaign. After Lantigua was elected he appointed Bonilla to the high-ranking post of deputy chief. Leonard Degnan, Lantigua’s former chief of staff was also served a subpoena. He also testified in Boston this summer after his abrupt May resignation. Personnel Director Frank Bonet, and License Commission Chairman Richard Fielding were also served subpoenas for the Essex County investigation. The case against Lantigua and his administration apparently involves charges against narcotics, weapons, bid rigging, and suspicious out of state travel.

Romney Takes Mass., Merrimack Valley

Former Massachusetts Governor and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney came back to his home state to claim a primary victory. Romney took the Bay State with a landslide victory of 72 percent good for 265,100 votes. The closest contender was Rick Santorum only claiming only 12 percent of Massachusetts, good for only 44,255 votes.

North Andover’s eight precincts gave Romney 2,434 votes, with Santorum taking 253 votes, and Ron Paul in a close third with 240. Andover’s eleven precincts were good for 2,538 to their former governor and Paul took 250, and Santorum with 237.

Romney also took Arkansas, Idaho, Ohio, Vermont and Virginia. Newt Gingrich took his home state of Georigia, his only victory on Super Tuesday. Santorum took North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

It takes 1,144 delegates to tip the nomination for the Republicans. Currently Romney is leading with 415, Santorum in second with 176, Gingrich in third with 105, and Paul in fourth with 47 delegate votes.

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