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Softball Throws Change Up

Carter Madsen, ’12,  Staff Writer

As the softball season rapidly approaches, adjustments have been made to the women’s softball spring break trip.

In previous years the women’s softball team has started off their season in Florida, spending seven to nine days playing approximately 14 games. However, due to Merrimack’s unique spring break schedule, the team would miss the opportunity to play many of their usual opponents this spring. So softball is shortening the players’ time in Florida to five days and travelling to New Jersey and then Long Island to finish their trip. This change will allow Merrimack to play more games and more teams they would not have a chance to play if they stayed in Florida their entire trip.

“I wish we were staying in Florida longer, but the teams we are playing in New York will help our regional rankings,” said senior Alex Gallant.

On March 22, Merrimack will play nationally ranked C.W. Post, which will greatly affect Merrimack’s overall standings.

“I’m excited about the trip this year,” said Gallant. “We are playing a lot of good teams, some of which are nationally ranked. When we go to New York we will be playing a lot of teams from our region that are going to be good competition.”

The team leaves March 14, and is matched up against East Stroudsburg on Friday, March 16.



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