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Twitter Tracker

Compiled by @patlawlor

@sarahicks: Reference staff @merrimack #McQuade library was just VERY helpful in finding just what I needed in journal article search! #lovelibraries

@ededdnjake: @Mannyvelezz @amideeee donut city in Merrimack plow truck

@mfbgetatme I feel kinda bad living so close to Merrimack, yet not caring about 99% of the playoffs that happen there

@AmberLegacy thanks Merrimack…for being the only college that doesnt cancel or delay #merrimackproblems

@MikeMcMahonET Good to see Merrimack‘s Shawn Loiseau getting press at the NFL Combine. Hope to see an NFL team pick him. He’s a BEAST & a ferocious worker

@gillysisland78: Taco Tuesdays = diarrhea Wednesdays #Merrimackproblems

@AStince: Who wants to get me food at the den or a toasted bagel with cream cheese from the cafe? #mainstreetproblems


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