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Human Resource Management Captures Student's Eye

Colleen Quinlan ’15, Staff Writer


Human Resource Management applies to whether you are going to work for someone or create your own business. You’re always going to have aspects of dealing with other employees and other people and that is what Human Resource is all about. As your company grows so should your Human Resource Management.” – Paul Antoneliis, Assistant Professor of Business Management.

Senior Corrine Gosselin spent her summer break as an intern for Holy Family Hospital working in the Human Resource Department. As a member of the class of 2015 with a Major in Organizational Communication and a Minor in Business, Corrine might just have found her career path after completing this internship.

This summer Holy Family Hospital and Merrimack Valley merged together and it is now known as Holy Family at Merrimack Valley. Corrine talked about her working experience saying “During my time there I worked at the front desk where I filed papers, answered phone calls, verified private information, and if anyone came in I would answer their questions.”

Corrine went on to explain that she had to format policy between Holy Family and Merrimack Valley. “This was probably the most stressful part because of the amount of policies, but we were able to finish it by the deadline. After that I had to format a job description between Holy Family and Merrimack Valley it was not bad, I enjoyed doing it.”

Why should students consider taking Human Resource Management class? “Within any job you get, you are going to have to deal with Human Resource, you are going to have to know the majority of the policies and benefits that deals with Human Resources” Corrine says.

With the Business School growing Corrine gives her input on what she would like to see. “I would like to see more classes deal with Human Resources we only have a few course, I would like to gain more knowledge instead of taking just one class. Also I would like to see Career Center be more involved with information and job opportunities for Human Resources.”

As for Corrine’s future she has an ideal plan on what she wants to do. “I enjoy Human Resource a lot and this past summer I have learned and experience a lot. People assume it would be a boring workplace but that is not the case, there is something new everyday whether it be people or dealing with policies. I can see myself working in the field.”

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