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How To Survive The Holidays

By Katrina Agnitti ‘19

Staff writer


With Thanksgiving around the corner and the holiday season coming up in the next few months there will be a lot of time spent with family and loved ones. The typical conversation will consist of “have you decided what you want to major in”, “Do you have a job”, “are you dating anyone.” While we love our families and know they mean well, we understand that they can be a lot to handle, especially after not seeing them for a while. Here is how to prepare for family conversation.

Meeting up with family is great…sometimes. When your family first arrives always make sure that you greet them with hugs and kisses. You might even get a few compliments like “you are such a beautiful young lady” or “you are such a handsome young man”.

Questions about your love life and school are bound to come up. While this might be a tad bit annoying to talk about since these are the things that stress us college student out, it’s important to give an answer. Sometimes it’s good to not give too much detail if you’re not in the mood to talk about something. A simple “school is going well” response and then change the subject might do the trick. The topic of dating is a big one at the dinner table. It always start off with “is there anyone special in your life right now?” This one can be up to you. If you want to spill the beans about your love life than do so. However if you would like to stay away from that topic, “not at the moment” or “i’m just focusing on myself” is a good answer. On the other hand, if you are doing well in school and feel like talking about it, tell them! They will love to hear about your success.

Maybe your family is to much to handle. You might just have to pour yourself a drink to make the holidays bearable (only if your 21, of course). However, having family around can be a breathe of fresh air. It can be nice taking a break from school and work for a week and just catching up with friends and family. There will be lots of stories and laughs. Getting a nice home cooked meal and stuffing your face can also be satisfied. Remember that although family can be a lot to handle at times they usually do have good intentions so just to roll with the punches and enjoy the people that are keeping you company this holiday season.