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How to Stay Politically Informed and Not Get Caught Up in the Drama

Megan Snow ‘20

Editor in Chief

If you chose to read this article, you either know me on campus or you sort of care about politics (but not enough to talk about it). Many students would avoid this article altogether because, let’s face it, talking about politics in 2019 is the most draining conversation you can have. It has become the most divisive and complicated topic of this generation. Between blame being put on each party and people blasting each other on social media, avoiding the topic completely seems like the best option. 

Yet politics are important and if you do find yourself participating in politics or a political conversation, here are some tips to help you be informed while avoiding the drama.

  1. Don’t take what people say about your party personally. Just because you identify with a certain party doesn’t mean it defines your morals, what you believe in, and who you want to vote for. 
  2. Research candidates and their ideas for the future. Although talking about things like health insurance and minimum wage seems unimportant, these new policies will affect your future opportunities. It’s important to stay informed on policies you care about. 
  3. Form your own opinions by doing your own research. It’s okay to have a different opinion than your family or friends. Inheriting other people’s opinions doesn’t help you understand politics. 
  4. Don’t get sucked into political fights on social media (this is the most important thing to do!). Social media allows people to say whatever they want and hide behind the screen. Don’t fight back, just move on.
  5. Take time to understand what others are saying. Many arguments stem from people not listening to the other person and just thinking that person is wrong. Listen to what they have to say and learn from them. Everyone has a different perspective for a reason.