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How to be “One of the Guys”

Brittany Hagopian ‘15

Staff Writer


Hera model poses with members of the football team

 Are you fed up with the stereotype: “sports are just for guys”? Well Hera Sport can fix that for you and help you to become the most educated female in the world of sports. Hera Sport is an online community that focuses on all sports, all the way from how the game is played to what to wear to a night game in the middle of the winter.

Elizabeth Vagianos, founder of Hera Sport, grew up in Boston, MA with a family that is very passionate about sports. She has a knowledge of sports, but argues that women are allowed to embrace it as much as men do. With a Greek background, Vagianos named this website after the most empowered Greek goddess: Hera.

Hera is updated daily to tell readers about the most recent topics that are associated with the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA. If there are special events like the Olympics or the U.S. Open, Hera will definitely be ready to cover those as well! You will read about fashion, travel, food, health, and most importantly the sports teams’ statistics. Hera goes specifically into what to wear to certain sports events that are determined by weather, the team, and the time of year.

Making a recent appearance at Merrimack College, Hera had models come and have a photoshoot on Martone-Mejail field with the Merrimack football team. The Hera models revealed the latest fall fashion to wear on Sundays, when watching a football game. Vagianos states, “Formula for a winning fall wardrobe: a few classics, a few trends, and at least one must-have pair of killer boots.” Stores that Hera includes are Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, J.Crew, Madewell, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many other high-end stores. Readers will learn about all the hot spots to travel when following your favorite sports team, how to tailgate, and other fun activities.

Hera also works like a blog, and readers can post and discuss their sporty traditions that they par take in, or respond to any of the latest posts. Vagianos is always waiting to hear from readers for any ideas or topics to talk about.

Ladies, make sure to check out this informative and fun website so you can surprise the guys with your sport knowledge!

For more information check out Hera’s other sites:

 Website: www.herasport.com

Instagram: hera_sport

Facebook: Hera Sport

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