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Margaret Mulligan ‘19

Staff Writer


The housing selection process has concluded for all incoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors for the 2016-2017 school year. Some current students were unable to pick housing for the following school year due to the lack of rooms.

“I’m stressed out that I have nowhere to live, and I pay so much money to attend this school,” said freshman Ashlee Powers about her concerns of not having a spot reserved for next year.

Residence Life has reached out to all students left without housing and has put them on a priority housing list. This means that the students who have not yet received housing are put on the list so when something opens up, they are able to claim the spot.

Director of Residence Life Cameron Smith and Assistant Director of Residence Life Beth Solomon were able to answer questions that many students without housing were left with.


How many students are currently put on the priority housing list?

“Students were able to sign up to be placed on the priority housing list all of last week. It all comes down to students studying abroad, and students who decide to commute or transfer. We do not currently have an exact number for this year’s list, but last year there were 107 students who were placed on the list and we were able to find them all housing.”

How many beds are guaranteed to the incoming freshman?

“Between 88-90% of the incoming class are guaranteed a bed which is about 800-850 students as of right now; we are waiting for the May 1st deposit deadline.”

Are there plans for extending residents halls for students?

“Yes, there are master plans going forward to expand.”

When will students find out if they have received housing or not?

“Friday April 29th will be the first update for students placed on the priority housing list. Following the first update there will be two more, which are after the May 1st deadline and finally after it is official as to how many first year students will actually be attending Merrimack in the Fall of 2016.”

Is it common for small schools like this to be put in this position?

“Most schools are put in this position due to an increase of paid deposits.”