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By Kane Robinson ‘20

Staff Writer


October 13 kicked off a traditional weekend here on campus: Homecoming. This year’s homecoming seemed to really capture the excitement of the Merrimack Community in all aspects.

The highlight of this weekend was the unveiling of the new Warrior Stadium. Before the football team got to play on the field for the very first time, students, faculty, alumni, and their families enjoyed tailgating. There were various other sporting events across the day and the hockey game against Wisconsin closed out the night.

Students and faculty all came together to enjoy the unexpectedly great weather in October. The day started off cloudy but the day heated up later on. This was a great improvement from last year’s rainy Homecoming and it only added to the people’s enthusiasm of the success of the day for Merrimack community.

Although it’s hard to really capture the full magnitude in one word, there was so much activity going on that one student only had a few words to say. “I really don’t know, It was just Fun,” said Adam Carito, a sophomore here at Merrimack.

This truly proved to be the best Homecoming so far at Merrimack College. Next year’s Homecoming has a lot to live up to.