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Hidden Restaurant Gems in Andover Downtown

By Skye Stewart
Social Media/Features Editor ‘17


Sick of the same old Mr. Takeout and late night Domino’s or need a change of pace from the weekly Perfecto’s morning brunch run? Take a leap and try these local lunch or dinner spots that are often forgotten about when making spontaneous and hungry decisions.

With over a dozen sandwiches and salads to choose from, LaRosa’s is a quaint little downtown spot perfect for the bank account of a college student. With chicken parm and buffalo chicken to fresh green salads, LaRosa’s even has daily-prepared Italian meals for to-go customers. There’s something for everyone, besides on Sundays.

7 Barnard, larosasofandover.com

Andover Deli & Pizzeria
A little off the beaten path away from Merrimack but just outside of downtown, Andover Deli has cold and hot subs, grilled items, pasta, seafood entrees, and more. To top it off, the prices are amazing. Order from here for a large $10.00 pizza.

22 Andover, andoverdeli.net

Burgers, wings, ribs, chicken, and French fries (and they even deliver). That’s all.

19 Essex, saucewings.com

Sometimes you just need a little change from Perfecto’s and Heavenly. That’s where Bruegger’s comes in. Smack dab in the middle of downtown, it’s the perfect brunch location for grabbing cinnamon sugar and rosemary olive oil flavors.

10 Main, brueggers.com