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Her Campus Merrimack Presents Makeup Night

Brooke Coupal ’16

Associate Editor-in-Chief

 On September 17th, Her Campus Merrimack held a Makeup Night with their very own member, Brenna McDonald, showing how to properly put on makeup. The event proved to be a success as more than 20 people showed up, all eager to learn.

A model was used during the event in which McDonald would put makeup on while the audience would watch. After she would go through one step, she would walk around the room while the viewers would try the steps themselves, and would help them as they needed it. By the end of the event, everyone had taken down good notes and had a beautifully made-up face.

McDonald decided to put on this event because “people always ask me questions about everything from what makeup to buy to how to do it so I thought doing a makeup night would be a fun way to cover questions I’m often asked.”

This event was sponsored by Her Campus Merrimack, an organization that produces an online magazine targeting collegiates.

“Her Campus is the #1 global community for college women. Merrimack has their own chapter where we publish articles to our website and host events each semester, such as the Make Up Night with Brenna McDonald,” Rachel DeYoung, president of Her Campus Merrimack, stated.

Please check out hercampus.com/Merrimack and follow Brenna McDonald Designs on Instagram and Facebook for more makeup tips and tricks.

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