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Hamel Health’s Thoughts on Ebola

Liam Killeen ’15

Staff Writer

With the discovery of Ebola entering the United States, many people are fearful of the disease. Suzanne Slattery, the Director of Hamel Health and Counseling Center, gave some insight on how to stay healthy with such a disease in the United States.

“Always wash your hands, we also recommend the flu shot just to stay safe and healthy as well,” Slattery stated. Some of her recommendations were normal safety tips as well as some solid safety precautions to take in order to remain healthy.

Slattery also explained ways in which one could receive or catch Ebola. “The person would need to be actively sick with it and it is exchanged through bodily fluids. Symptoms include temperatures upwards of 105, vomiting, as well as diarrhea. You would have to be with someone who is actively sick to get it” she explained. She then stated that here at Merrimack we do not have anyone who is at risk.

For more questions about students’ health safety, please visit the Hamel Health and Counseling Center located in front of St. Thomas Apartments.

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