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Hallie Hobson Welcomes Us Back to the Mack

Megan Snow ‘20

Editor in Chief

On Thursday Sept. 5, students, faculty, and staff were welcomed back to Merrimack for the academic year with the annual Convocation ceremony. Seniors were dressed in graduation robes and were greeted by a standing ovation from faculty while the freshman class filled Hamel’s bleachers from top to bottom, and President Hopey proudly announced the start of the academic year.

Hallie Hobson, an advocate for the arts and cultural sector, delivered a passionate speech, highlighting successes and failures throughout her own career. For years, she worked for cultural non-profit institutions, doing fundraising and patron engagement. Hobson is also an accomplished poet and playwright, earning many honors and awards. 

As Hobson spoke to an engaged audience filled with students and faculty, she emphasized many takeaways from her own life, adding in elements of humor. Hobson thoroughly conveyed the importance of finding what “fills you up” or what “feeds your soul.” She spoke candidly of her career path and her daring decision to quit her job of twenty years because, although she loved her job, it was not filling her up. 

Hobson spoke of not having regret about exploring her passions, goals, needs, and wants, and encouraged students to do the same both during and after their time at Merrimack.