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Green Team working to improve recycling efforts

By Kathleen Donato ‘19

Staff Writer


Have you ever observed and noticed how almost everywhere you turn Merrimack College takes the importance of the well being of not only the students and the faculty, but also the campus as a whole? The sustainability of Merrimack is a huge factor and of great significance to the college community.

The Student Green Team Program, here at Merrimack College, is an organization focused on the importance of recycling throughout all of campus. This program was founded in 2008 and to this day has over 150 students involved in it. The value and relevance of recycling is one of the key factors for Merrimack College. On the school’s website, it provides a few ways The Student Green Team involves and engages themselves with the campus. From running campus clean-up programs, to planning sustainable-themed Homecoming events, and even holding Green Social Events on campus, etc. As always Merrimack is looking for ways to enhance recycling on campus, our Student Government is find ways to incorporate more recycling throughout campus.

Merrimack College is also working alongside Zero-Sort Recycling to improve its recycling efforts. Junior Katie Nicastro, she said “It’s important to recycle on campus because as a small school we should be limiting the amount of materials being used in day to day life”.