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Good Golly Miss Molly

Brendan Doherty ’15, Staff Writer 

Electronic dance music has been becoming more and more popular throughout the past five years or so. With every genre of music is a type of culture and stigma. Country has the cowboy and beer image, Grateful Dead has their dead head, and EDM has drugs and hipsters. Recently however these concerts have been getting a lot of attention for overdoses of the popular drug molly, which is a form of ecstasy combined with any other variety of one or more drugs. The attention started in Boston after a nineteen year old woman died at a Zedd concert at the house of blues. A few days later there were a pair of overdoses at the popular music festival Electric Zoo, in New York. After the stories became popular reports of overdoses throughout the entire summer at Ocean Club in Quincy came to light. A reported twelve overdoses happened during that time at that club alone and efforts to shut down the club because of this are persistent. Drug overdoses happen every day but in growing popularity of the EDM scene this news hits harder than ever. It is true that drugs are included with this kind of music more so than others but it should be the individuals being held responsible not the music. As tragic as a death is there is a reason why they are called “recreational drugs.” An individual who willingly partakes in these activities should be responsible for their actions just like any other aspect of life. Overdoses on drugs and alcohol happen daily, they aren’t going to stop. The best people can do is just be educated be careful and be aware.

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