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Going Greek

By Lauren Smith

Staff Writer ‘18


Srat. Ritual. Big and Little. Recruitment. Letters. Panhellenic. Philanthropy. Sisters.

These are a few of the common keywords used to define Greek life. What may not be as common are all the ways that Greek life defines and sets the members apart in the Merrimack College community. With Merrimack being a smaller school, Greek life is relatively small as well, but it is no less important or real, it offers up more opportunities to those involved, it gives you the chance to stand out, network, take on any leadership roles, and become so much more closer with your sorority sisters in finding best friends, since there are typically less than 40 in each given organization.

With spring [sorority] recruitment season in full effect, it’s officially time to “GO GREEK” on campus. Merrimack offers so many clubs, sports, organizations, and opportunities to its students’, but hidden within the campus lies the small spark of Greek life, consisting of two sororities, Zeta Tau Alpha and Theta Phi Alpha. Even as a small community on campus, Greek life is such a large part of many student’s lives and identities here at Merrimack. Whether Panhellenic Council (the Greek unity of both organizations), social media marketing, recruitment planning and prepping, academic excellence, philanthropy, or sisterhood, you can find yourself belonging in more ways than one.

“I have always wanted to join a sorority my whole life, especially because of the “sorority fantasy” in movies and television shows, but now that I know what it’s actually like since being in one, I can honestly say it is so much more than that,” said Jill Dresser,

“It’s not all about the parties, it’s about growing as a person and finding the fun in everything else… It’s about having people bring out the best in you.”

Even girls who claim Greek life “isn’t for her” most often will come to an information session, register, attend recruitment, actually turn out to be the best and most dedicated member. She brings a new perspective, alternative passions, and an authentic love to the organization that she joins. In every sorority there is a perfect place for each of the nay-sayers, the girl who is only friends with guys makes the best Fraternity Relations chair, the girl who has many friends in the other sororities along with her own fits perfectly in Panhellenic Council, the quiet artsy girl makes the best posters known to mankind, the girl who balances everything on campus is most often going to be nominated Sister of the Week, so while you are thinking no, we are all thinking YES.

Greek life offers you sisters, best friends, it offers you a support system, things to do that matter and make lasting effects on campus and off, people to hang out with, an opportunity to volunteer and be apart of events that help causes you care about. Theta Phi Alpha’s philanthropy takes a stand on hunger and homelessness, sisters volunteer at Bread and Roses and volunteer their time raising awareness and money for homelessness in the U.S.. Zeta Tau Alpha supports breast cancer awareness, participating in breast cancer walks and helping raise money to aid the cure. Both sororities work together too, doing many Greek life events and showing their support this past fall together during the Suicide Prevention walk. Being a part of a sorority means hard work, you must maintain a certain GPA, be kind, loyal, and true, you must always be a team player, and go beyond sometimes when necessary; it pushes you, but it’s the best push you’ll forever be grateful for at the end of your collegian journey. “Greek life has changed my life. When I first came to Merrimack I didn’t know there was Greek life, but luckily for me some older friends were a part of it and encouraged me to attend recruitment.” explained Karlee Pedemont,

“Thinking back to when I joined freshman year, I would have never believed you if you told me by junior year I would be the President of Panhellenic Council and First Vice President of my organization. Greek life has opened so many doors for me and I am who I am because I am Greek.”.

There is so much that goes into maintaining a steady and strong chapter, so many bits and pieces and so much dedication. If there is one thing you do this semester to jump out of your comfort zone, make it attending recruitment, because you never know if you’re bound to find your un-biological sisters. “Theta Phi Alpha made me realize I am not an only child anymore, because I have so many sisters,” said Angelica Medina.

The best part about college is the opportunity to become the best you, to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make, and to branch out in ways you never imagined; going Greek is the first step.

If you want to participate in recruitment register at https://merrimack.mycampusdirector.com by Friday 2/5 by 5:00 pm.