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Gift Guide: Boyfriend and Girlfriend Edition

Geena Levine ‘21

Photo Editor 

With the holidays just around the corner, there is the stress of finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Whether you’re good at picking out gifts or not, having some helpful suggestions can’t hurt.

Gifts your boyfriend will love:

A sports jersey for their favorite team. If your boyfriend is a sports fan, then this is the perfect gift! You can never go wrong with sports apparel, whether it be a jersey, shirt, or sweatshirt. You get bonus points if you purchase something that relates to their favorite player.

Shaving Kit. Although this may seem like a rather boring gift to give for the holidays, it’s very practical and will come in handy. Spending a little extra money on a nice shaving set will pay off in the end when he doesn’t have to keep replacing his other cheap razors. Some popular shaving sets are Dollar Shave Club Gift Set, Gillette Fusion Shaving Set, and Harry’s Holiday Gift Set.

Portable Speaker. The majority of college students enjoy listening to music during their day to day life. Buying your boyfriend a portable speaker gives them the opportunity to listen to music on the go or with friends, which is a win win! A few speaker brands that are popular include Bose, JBL, and Beats Pils.

Wallet. There comes a point where wallets start to deteriorate and they need to be replaced. If your boyfriend’s wallet looks like it might be on its last leg, buying him a new wallet will make his Christmas even better.  

New Sneakers. Whether it be running sneakers or casual lounge sneakers, your boyfriend will surely appreciate them. Make sure you take a peek at his current shoes for the size (if you don’t know already).

Cologne. What’s better than receiving your favorite cologne? Nothing! If you want to buy your boyfriend something that he will be able to wear often and will love, try buying him a bottle of cologne. 

Nintendo Switch. If your boyfriend is a video game lover, the Nintendo Switch is a great gift idea. They will be able to play all their favorite games on a small handheld device, or connect it to their TV and play it on the big screen. 

Sweatshirt. You can never go wrong with buying your boyfriend a cozy hoodie. This is definitely a go-to gift that they will never want to take off. 

Face Mask. You can never have too many face masks, especially in a time like now. This is such a great gift to not only keep them safe, but also to show off their own personal style. Most companies sell face masks now, so it should be hard to find ones that are the right style for your boyfriend.

Beanie.  A beanie is the perfect accessory to your boyfriend’s wardrobe that they will love and wear all winter long. It will keep them warm, and will also add a little something extra to their outfits during the winter months.

Gifts your girlfriend will love:

Polaroid camera.  If your girlfriend can’t stop taking pictures, then this is a great gift for her! The pictures will develop right away, which makes for a great keepsake. 

Jewelry. You can never go wrong with getting your girlfriends a nice piece of jewelry. It’s a thoughtful gift that is something that she will wear constantly that will remind her of you. Some ideas for places you can get jewelry for your girlfriend are Pandora or Tiffanys. 

Workout Clothing. If your girlfriend is into working out and going to the gym, then clothes from her favorite workout brand are a great gift choice. A few good websites to check out are Lululemon, Gymshark, and Buff Bunny. 

Candle. Girls love their candles, so this may be the perfect gift for your girlfriend. You can get her favorite scent and even personalize it with your own text and a picture of the both of you on it. Yankee candle offers personalized candles that you can order online or make in store.

Throw Blanket. The perfect thing to keep you warm during the winter months is a throw blanket. Your girlfriend can use this with you to cuddle up and watch movies while enjoying some quality time together. 

Makeup.  If you know anything about makeup and what brands your girlfriend likes, then buying her makeup will be a great gift. Eyeshadow palettes, contour palettes, and lots of other products are at stores like Ulta and Sephora.

Moccasins. Who doesn’t love a good moccasin?! Not only do they go with most outfits, but they are a perfect shoe to keep you warm during the winter months.

Hydro Flask. The perfect gift for anyone is a new water bottle. Hydro Flasks have become popular recently because they keep your water cold for long periods of time. Bonus points if you get it for her in her favorite color.

Wallet.  A perfect and practical gift for your girlfriend is always a wallet. A girl can never have too many wallets, so adding a new one to her collection will be a perfect addition.

Spa Basket. With finals just finishing up and a long semester over, your girlfriend may need a spa day, but she may not have the money to go to an actual spa. Instead, give them an at home spa kit to give them the benefits of a spa day without having to leave the house.