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Get Paid to Live on Campus!

Andrew Douglas ’15

Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to get paid to live on campus rather than paying to do so? Look no further than the Residential Advisor program that Merrimack Residence Life offers. This application-based program offers over 60 Merrimack students the opportunity to live on campus, shape the community, and have fun while doing so. Benefits such as leadership experience, hefty scholarship and stipends, free parking, as well as an opportunity to obtain a single room are just a fraction of what benefits are provided through this program.

Current Senior Resident Advisor, Francesco Quinci states “creating a community on your floor and in your building” and being there for his residents are the most exciting parts about the position. Quinci gets to know all of his residents on a personal level; he considers his assistance in resolving roommate conflicts the most rewarding parts of the job.

The head of the Resident Advisor’s was not available for comment, but according to the Resident Life website, there are other tasks associated with the position. Community development being the largest of the tasks, which includes encouraging residents to get involved in on campus activities, being a positive role model for students, and keeping residents informed about the college by creating posters, fliers, as well as holding floor meetings. Weekly administrative tasks such as paperwork, weekly reports, calling in facility concerns are all part of the job as well. Once in a while, a resident will need to be written up for policy violations which Quinci described as being his least favorite part of the job.

The deadline for becoming a Resident Advisor for the upcoming Spring semester has already passed. However, students interested in becoming a Resident Advisor for the Fall of 2015 semester can get a head start by gathering application materials, as well as getting multiple references.

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