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Fr. Rick Talks About the Church’s View on Premarital Sex

By Anthony Salce ’19

Staff Writer


Whether it be a painful “birds and the bees” talk with mom and dad or awkward health classes in highschool, we all know about sex. So where does sex fit in on Catholic college campus? Who better to ask then Merrimack’s very own Father Rick.


Question: What is the Catholic Church’s current teachings on premarital sex and whether it has changed over the years.

Father Rick: “The Church’s view has been that sex is reserved for marriage.”


Q: Why do you think it’s so hard for young people today to wait for marriage before sex?

FR: “ I think people are waiting a lot longer to get married now and in a college atmosphere the sex drive is stronger.”


Q: What are the benefits of waiting?

FR: “If you wait, you will develop better communication skills with your partner, have a deeper understanding of your relationship without creating unnecessary roadblocks.”


Q: Why does our school require that if you have a guest of the opposite sex visit you overnight that they can’t stay in your room and have to stay over in a room with their same sex?

FR: “This is because you have to be mindful of your roommates and that you can’t always be responsible for the choices other people make.”