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Former Student Helps Create New Company

By Eric Coburn ’18

Sports Editor


Since graduating last spring, former Merrimack College student Drew Walsh has been making strides with a new company he helped get started with two friends called Resumysite. The site focuses on helping young professionals, in particular college students, create their own website where they can post their resume, professional photos and any information that they believe helps them stand out to employers.

“Greg Hemmer and Brendan Murphy, who are two creators for the idea, talked to me about it and I really liked the idea so I got onboard,” said Walsh, a Derry, New Hampshire native.

To help spread awareness of the company, Walsh will help travel to some of the top universities for Resumysite’s speaker series called “What does Google say about you?” which focuses on educating students on the impact their digital footprint has on their career success.

“We want to connect, educate and inspire the audience to improve their online presence,” said Walsh.

The company is still very much in its early stage, but has already begun receiving interests from investors and is waiting for the right fit. Walsh also added that the company has seen a tremendous outreach and support from the community.

“It’s exciting to see an opportunity like this come up and see all the support wanting to help young professionals with a revolutionary idea. We are really doing all of this so we can see our generation beat the stigma and truly succeed,” said Walsh.