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February 2021’s Campus Police Log

Geena Levine

Photo Editor 

02/01: Subjects need to pick up prescriptions at CVS (Andover) and don’t feel safe walking due to the weather. Officer assisted 

02/02: Subject called advised of a loud gathering behind St. Thomas. Students paying loud music 

02/05: Officer reports encountering 2 students trying to enter through the Monican Gate. One of the students is fully remote and does not have access to campus. He was advised to leave. The other student was a resident. Will be documented for residence life

02/05: NAPD called reporting a male urinating in the parking lot in Royal Crest and a large group gathering with open containers outside. Officers responded and found nothing upon arrival

02/05 An anonymous caller reports a party at Royal Crest Units are currently responding to ongoing calls at Royal Crest and will be dispatched once they are available. NAPD informed we would be responding as well. Officers are clear. Approx, 50 students and non-students. Officer documented all of the student’s names and will be forward to residence life

02/07: RA called MCPD because the third floor NW of Ash smells smokey and has a haziness to the air. Officers were advised and sent to assist. The smell was caused from burnt mac n’ cheese. Student forgot to put water in with it. All will be clear.

02/08: Cullen Ave student worker called reporting a white Jeep Cherokee drive through the checkpoint without stopping

02/14: Student security turned a vehicle away with a male subject using a photo of a clear co verified screen trying to get on campus

02/15: Ash RA called to advise students have climbed out the back window onto the roof of Ash by rear entrance.

02/16: Subject from the library called to report a student had passed out. Student refused transport 

02/20: Monican RA requests alcohol assessment for subject of 3rd floor vomiting  

02/21: Student called saying that around 2:00pm today, an unknown party used the code to their door at Royal Crest. Under investigation.