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February 2020 Police Log

1/21/2020: Mother of a resident student requested assistance in contacting her daughter.

1/21/2020: Subject called to report an issue with no one stopping at the RT 114 stop sign.

1/23/2020: Commuter student called reporting someone possibly following her. Officer checked on the caller and checked the area. Incident started off campus and on the highway, it appears to be road rage. 

1/29/2020: Subject called to report a delivery truck drove into the gate at Facilities.

2/03/2020: Elevator alarm called in Crowe Hall. People stuck between floors. Facilities were able to restart the elevator, everyone was able to get off. 

2/03/2020: Parent called to report she hasn’t heard from her daughter. While checking, the parent called back to advise contact has been made. 

2/09/2020: RA radioed to MCPD that a guest is attempting to fight him. MCPD responded and located individuals who are non-students. 

2/09/2020: Officer reports while on patrol in Lot J, he noticed a vehicle with some derogatory words etched in the ice on the back windshield. Vehicle belongs to a commuter student. Officer came back to MCPD to review the cameras. 

2/09/2020: Resident student came to MCPD to report a stolen speaker from her room. She spoke with an officer. 

2/18/2020: Resident student reporting hit and run on campus. Cameras show hit and run did not happen on campus. 

2/19/2020: Officer will be off with subject at Royal Crest discussing some messages that were received. 

2/19/2020: Subject called MCPD over concern that someone has been knocking on their door. 

2/21/2020: Student called to report that a Vineyard Vines bag was stolen from Austin Hall. 

2/23/2020: Students locked in a residential room and unable to get out. Facilities not available at this time. AFD was contacted and able to breach the door and students were let out. 

2/26/2020: Student called to advise of a suspicious odor in the area of their dorm. Call unfound. 

2/27/2020: Manchester PD called requesting an officer to check for a verbal altercation between two Islander Hockey parents. After a check of the area officers reported the parties have left campus.

2/26/2020: Student called reporting a car alarm going off in lot K. Unable to locate vehicles. 

2/28/2020: Two students walked out of Warrior’s Den without paying for food. 

2/28/2020: Student complained about unwanted communication from another student.