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Fall Into Autumn Styles, But Keep Those Summer Ways

By Lauren Smith ‘18 and Meghan Saldutti ‘18

Staff Writers


Dear Merrimack Fashionistas,


It is that time of year again when wardrobes are falling out of summer fashion and rolling into autumn trends. As college students, it is important that we budget our money when we go shopping (and by this, we mean stepping foot outside our college campus and into the clothing store abyss, a.k.a. the mall), that we have some good ideas, and are comfortable with playing around and throwing our own quirks into our basic fashion ideas. However, if you’re not willing to venture from our beautiful campus, try reworking your summer clothing into fall 2015 styles.

Don’t really know how to do so? Need some tips? We’ve got your back. We will even hold those flip-flops while you toss on some booties instead. Some tips include: how you can use some main items of clothing from summer to transition into the fall months, how you can go about slowly easing into sweater weather, and we will even show you how some trendy girls on the Merrimack campus have been dressing for the recent temperatures, too.

Layers are essential when it comes to cool mornings and warmer afternoons. This is pretty wonderful because it is basically an invitation to still wear cute summer pairs. Rework them by tossing on a jacket, vest, or even a scarf, in order to be comfortable for the colder walks to class at 8 A.M. Layer up, ladies!

This calls for a lesson and some helpful tips on how to re-vamp and reuse your summer clothes for the quickly approaching, chilly fall season:


  1. Short Sleeve Summer Knit. Short sleeves are light enough to wear in the summer but also perfect to wear in the fall with a jacket or no jacket, depending on the weather. They can be paired with jeans of any wash and can easily be dressed up or down.


  1. T-Shirt Dress. T-shirt dresses are a go-to in any season because they are cute and casual. In the summer, they can be worn with flip-flops and in the fall they can be worn with short or tall riding boots. Toss on a cardigan or denim jacket for cooler days.


  1. Boyfriend T-Shirt. These tees are great in the summer to wear with shorts, but even greater in the fall when they can be worn with jeans, leggings, or capris. Pair this perfect fall top with some sneakers, flats, or boots and you’re ready for class. They come in all different colors and are usually very inexpensive.


  1. White Converse. “Chucks” seem to be making a return. Converse are comfortable, casual, and trendy. They look good with sundresses in the summer and jeans in the fall, or really any outfit of your choice. Although they are white, they are easy to wash to keep looking brand new.


  1. Boyfriend Jeans. These jeans are easy to wear with virtually anything. In the summer, girls can be seen wearing them with a tank, but in the fall they can be dressed up or dressed down with a cute blouse. They are also really stylish, but casual for class.


  1. Vests. Vests are perfect for fall weather because layering is a must. It is easy to make a statement with the added pop of a solid color. It is perfect to pair with sweaters, denim, or long sleeves and quarter sleeve shirts.


  1. Statement Necklace. Headed to a meeting, interview, or a class presentation? Throw on a colorful statement necklace and you will dress up any outfit.


  1. Flannels. In the summer, people often wear flannels to concerts. So, if it is a chilly fall morning or if you are off to a Merrimack sporting event, pair a flannel with jeans, leggings, or even shorts if it is warm enough outside. Likely, you will be perfectly channeling the comfy, but cute college-girl look.


  1. Tank-Top/Cardigan Combo. In the summertime, you most likely wear lots of sleeveless shirts. An easy way to transition those tops from summer to fall is to throw on a cardigan or a long sweater.


“Throwing on a tank with a cardigan is the ultimate New England because the weather is always changing. Plus, it is an easy outfit to put on before my early morning classes.”-Katelyn Thomas, Sophomore


  1. Skater Skirts. Was that a skater boy? Did she say see you later boy? Nope! It was just a trendy Merrimack girl walking around campus. During warmer summer nights, when you are out and about, you often see girls wearing a cute, shorter skirt. These fun skirts come in different patterns as well as solid colors. They can be worn in the fall with riding boots, high socks, tights, flats, or low-cut booties paired with a tucked in blouse.


“Fall fashion is all about mixing a little bit of summer or winter to enhance it for the coming crisp days. More muted tones and layered pieces to signify it’s brisk, but you’re still not ready for the parka.” -McGee Hines ‘18

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