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Expired Food Making an Appearance at Sparky’s and the Den

By Isabella Trudeau ’17

Staff Writer


In 2014, Merrimack’s dining hall had a cockroach infestation in the kitchen where they prep the dining hall meals. It became public and news quickly spread.

While the school claimed that nearby construction had allowed the insects to relocate to the dining hall, many students were quick to realize that mistakes do happen and know that Merrimack fixed the issue as far as we know today.

Recently, students have made it clear that they aren’t always impressed with the food that Merrimack sells. Student Savannah Higgins recently purchased a moldy sandwich.

“I have never experienced anything similar in Zime or Sparky’s,” said Higgins. “I went back and showed the people who made my sandwich the mold and they made me a new one. Later, I got an email saying they refunded me for it. I still get food from the Den, I just make sure to check it more closely.”

When asked about the moldy sandwich and what they can do to fix the problem, Multi-Services General Manager of Sodexo Karen Hyder did not reply.

Recently, another student Sam Gagnon found salad dressing in Sparky’s that expired on Dec. 16, 2016 and she wasn’t happy with her find. “I was surprised that I was handed an expired dressing from back in December,” said Gagnon. “I was lucky I didn’t eat it until looking at the date.”