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Earth Day Festival

Brooke Coupal

Associate Editor-in-Chief

April 22, 2015 was a day to celebrate how beautiful the earth truly is. In order to do this on Merrimack College’s Campus, the Green Team put on an Earth Day Festival for all to enjoy.

Located next to the Sakowich Campus Center, the festival consisted of games, food, and prizes, whiling creating minimal to no waste.

Tie-Dye was a very popular activity at the Earth Day Festival, along with Frisbee and Corn Hole. Sodexo also catered the event, bringing eco-friendly foods and offering people to use the smoothie-bike, which does not use any energy. Reusable plates and silverware were also offered, as to not bring more waste into the world.

Students and faculty were encouraged to bring recyclables to the event. With every five recyclable bottles that were brought, a bag made of recycled cotton from Chico Bags was given out. Klean Kanteen reusable water bottles were also sold. Both Chico Bags and Klean Kanteen are sustainability-oriented companies, which reflect what the Green Team is trying to bring onto campus.

According to Madison Davis, President of the Green Team, and Caisie Wynot, Secretary of the Green Team, the goal of this event was for members of Merrimack College to enjoy Earth Day, while bringing awareness to how beautiful the earth is, and how we can recycle and reuse items in order to not create waste.

“The event went really well. It was the first big event that we’ve ever done like this,” Davis stated.

The Green Team is always looking for members as they start to make initiatives on campus. This year, they have completed a clean-up around campus during first semester, and have another clean-up scheduled on the 25th at the Seacoast Science Center. They also got Styrofoam removed from the dining hall and Dunkin Donuts. Next year, they hope to introduce a Five-Stream Recycling System, which consists of bins for plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, paper, and teracycle. The goal is for these to get placed wherever there is a trash bin on campus.

Contact Madison Davis (President), Kiara Huntress (Vice President), Caisie Wynot (Secretary), or Ethan Childs (Treasurer) for more information about the Green Team.

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