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Dunkin Drama

Lawrence Williams ’15

Staff Writer

Two years ago, the entire campus community from students to teachers was ecstatic about the addition of Dunkin Donuts to the Merrimack Athletic Complex. Along with the excitement came the expectations, including timely service, the proper product and a friendly attitude from the employees.

After speaking with multiple students, it was apparent that these expectations were not met. A senior, who wished to remain anonymous described her experience as “simply disrespectful”, and went on to compare her iced coffee to toilet water. Other students also reported that they have come into contact with an unfriendly employee or received an incorrect order. This Dunkin Donuts has attracted a lot of attention and gained a reputation of having bad service.

“I usually love Dunkin Donuts but I don’t like the one on campus”, said Sahar Ata, a senior at Merrimack College. There seems to be a trend of complaints that are buzzing around campus.

Although there seems to be a problem with the on-campus Dunkin Donuts according to students, Paul Doherty, Dunkin Donuts District Manager, assured that they have not ran into any problems with this Dunkin Donuts.

Paul Doherty was asked if there have been any customer service problems at the Dunkin Donuts on campus. He replied with, “We strive to provide great service to our guest on a consistent basis… There is a 1-800 number that all guest can call and our commitment as an organization is to resolve all problems within 24 hours. This number is on every receipt.” He also informed that the employees at Dunkin Donuts are trained and evaluated semi-annually.

Michael Newmark, the General Manager of Sodexo on campus is another person committed to resolving problems relating to the Dunkin Donuts on campus. “I work closely and communicate often with all DD management on site but also with the area district manager”, said Michael.

It is encouraged that you do seek to resolve the problems of bad customer service and encounters with unfriendly staff at Dunkin Donuts. For instance, Bridget McAnulty, a senior at Merrimack College, has had her own case where she complained to management and her problem got resolved. “I called the manager and complained and we sat down and talked to fix the problem. He even gave me a gift card.”

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