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Dr. Debra Michals Delivers “Last Lecture”

Nicole Fasciano ‘22

Staff Writer 

On November 19, Dr. Debra Michals, who is the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies here at Merrimack College, delivered the annual Last Lecture to the campus community.

The Last Lecture is an event that occurs once every year, where one speaker is chosen to deliver what they feel would be their last lecture to ever give. They are free to discuss and touch upon what is of the most important to them. The lecture often reflects upon the greatest values and passions that have helped to shape her/his professional life and accomplishments.

Michals reflected upon her life thus far through her family memories, her life aspirations, and her career peaks and downfalls. She encouraged us to take the time to review our lives because we may be so busy living it that we don’t reflect on what matters most.

 Michals also emphasized that we can never know when the last time may be to spend time with a loved one or experience something that we love. She encouraged attendees to always grow and cherish the many moments and differing paths we may experience.

As the lecture came to an end, Michals emphasized what she wanted attendees to take to heart: “History is the most powerful tool we may have… don’t opt out of your own world… if you see it, say it.”