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Do E-mail Accounts Graduate with their Owners?

Alexandria Kasper ‘14, Staff Writer

During students’ four years at Merrimack College, their email is their everything. From checking it the minute they wake up to see if a class is cancelled, to emailing companies about internship and job opportunities and even just to read the Daily Digest, it becomes a very important tool of communication for everyone in the Merrimack community.

As graduation quickly approaches for seniors, many wonder..what will happen to our beloved email addresses post graduation? Will I still be able to access my e-mail after my time at college is finished?

After talking to the Merrimack IT department, it was hard for them to say what is going to happen in the future. They are in the process of creating a new email policy and there is currently no rule in place . “ Before students loose email privileges, they will be given plenty of notice,” says Chip Styles, Chief Information Officer. He also suggests that seniors about to graduate create a new personal email address with their first and last name and back up any personal information from their Merrimack inbox.

The O’Brien Center for Student Success gives similar advice. They encourage students to use a non-Merrimack email post graduation. They also suggest that students create one using first/last name identifiers and be as professional as possible.

Having a lifetime Merrimack e-mail address is just not realistic. Our e-mail addresses cost the school money while there are plenty of free email providers out there (G-mail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, just to name a few).

As we continue into our future, as proud of our alma mater we may be, we should start creating new titles for ourselves. So seniors…..start making and using new email addresses!

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