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Dining services ready to make the coffee switch from Green Mountain Coffee to Starbucks or Seattle’s Best Coffee

seattles_best_logo starbucksBy Skye Stewart ‘17

Staff Writer

For all of the frequent coffee drinkers out there, this might be the next big thing. While many students and faculty stop at the Warrior’s Den every day for their freshly brewed cup of Green Mountain Coffee, Merrimack’s dining services has other plans- and they include Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee.

While there is a very popular Dunkin’ Donuts on campus and a Starbucks right across the street, Starbucks or Seattle’s Best Coffee will ultimately replace the Green Mountain Coffee that is sold at the Den. Dining services have high hopes that this change will be all ready to go for the upcoming spring semester.

General Manager of dining services at Merrimack, Michael Newmark, said “This is not going to be a new operation/location. It’s simply a change over from the Green Mountain Coffee served in the Den to either Starbucks or Seattle’s Best. It will be a simple conversion offering a basic coffee core menu in the Den as is currently set up and served. We have discussed this conversion with the dining committee and SGA and there was overwhelming support for us to move forward with Starbucks.”

Newmark also went on to explain that “all forms of payment that are currently accepted at the Den will be accepted.” When asked about Starbucks’ seasonal coffee offerings, he said that those will be available at Merrimack as well.

While the coffee menu offered at the Den is fairly limited, menus from Starbucks and Seattle’s Best are a little more diverse, offering more of what students might like to drink. The Starbucks’ menu includes items like espresso beverages, iced teas, and Frappuccinos, as well as holiday favorites like the Eggnog and Gingerbread Lattes. Seattle’s Best, a branch of Starbucks, offers similar products such as lattes and S’mores Mocha.

Many students that enjoy some of Starbucks’ famous drinks are hoping to see them pop up on campus. Sophomore Tori Giannotti said “I would like having one because it would give us a lot more options. I love the idea of Starbucks because it’s awesome. I’d probably spend all my Den money there. I’d totally be willing to do that.”

Be sure to look out for Starbucks or Seattle’s Best Coffee next semester at the Warrior’s Den.

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