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Deegan West to Reopen to Under-21 Crowd

James Sardella ‘15, Staff Writer

The Deegan West Fireplace Lounge is a public area where students could hang out and watch television, do homework, cook food, or just relax. Unfortunately, the area has been closed since last year.

Upperclassmen may remember utilizing the space for communal events, going to RA programs, or even to just use the kitchen for a late night snack. Underclassmen know of no such events in that area.

Felipe Schwarz, assistant vice president for external affairs is currently creating plans created in order to revamp the whole area and make it a better sociable experience with a more comfortable atmosphere. After attending a presentation session that consisted of randomly selected students, the writer of this article included, the changes that are currently being thought up are beyond expectations. Alterations include multiple televisions that would allow students to watch shows or movies and even play video games with each other. Felipe mentioned an enhanced kitchen area as well, which consisted of two sinks, two stoves/oven, and an area to store food. He also stated he would like to integrate a drop down screen that would allow students to watch sports games or movies late at night. Of course the area is not catered to just these changes either. There was also talk of using the existing patio as an outside sitting area with tables where students can work on homework together. Aside from these changes, Felipe also suggested adding new furniture to the interior as well, including but not limited to new tables, chairs, and couches. Another idea is to remove the aluminum storm dividers and have the entire inside of the lounge connected, while allowing the fireplace to remain in the center.

The main drive behind the renovation is to create a space that would be open to all students throughout the day and night. Whether people may meet to watch TV or work on an assignment together, the new lounge will be sure to accommodate anyone looking for somewhere to hang out and get away from the hustle and bustle of college life, even if for just a little while.

From a student standpoint, it seems this new area will be somewhere that can be utilized not only for student purposes, but also programming purposes as well. There would be no surprise if Resident Advisors or campus organizations such as the Merrimack Programming Board tried to book the lounge for their own programs. Currently there is no time frame as to when the area will be reworked and opened but until then, students should be excited about how our campus is changing.

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