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Cram Jam, an Escape from Finals

Kristen Lindner ’15

Staff Writer

Are all the final exams for the first semester stressing you out? This time every year is a busy stretch for college students as they start to spend their days doing projects and preparing for exams or presentations. It tends to be a bit hectic and definitely nerve-racking here on Merrimack’s campus with the pressure of final grades weighing on student’s backs.

Loosen up and head to the MPR for a Winter Wonderland themed Cram Jam on Monday, December 15th from 9pm-11pm. This is the perfect place to take your mind off exams for a bit.

“Being a senior here, I have realized that it is common for students to stay up extremely late and study or to even stay up all night studying. I have always gone to Cram Jam because it gives me time to take a break from my studies and just relax”, says Cory Decesar, a senior at Merrimack.

The faculty and staff have always done an excellent job of going all out for the chosen theme and decorating to make it a lively and fun environment. Cram Jam offers food, games, and lots of free giveaways. It is an excellent place to hangout with your friends and do fun activities at a time when you need a break from studying. There will be a breakfast buffet that consists of French-toast sticks, tater tots, eggs, and sausage links, along with the smoothie bike. There will be a health and wellness station that can give you advice on your health during finals. If you’re not eating at one of the many tables, it is still a good place to sit and listen to music with friends to get your mind off finals and unwind.

Exciting games and activities are also offered at Cram Jam. There are games with prizes to be won and there are also many crafts and activities to do. Senior Kristi Slocum says, “One of my favorite things at Cram Jam in the past was taking a funny picture with my friends and having it on a cereal box. It looked so real and is a good memory to have of my friends from college”.

This year at Cram Jam there will be an arts and crafts station, photo novelties, corn hole, and make your own snow globe! Junior Lauren Maher talks about one the most popular aspects of Cram Jam stating, “One of my favorite things offered at Cram Jam is the massage chair. You lay down and they have a professional give you a massage. It is a great thing to do get done when you are tense from studying”.

Cram Jam is the perfect event for all ages to attend. Even if you don’t have a final the next day, come and join the fun. Good luck on finals and don’t forget to get plenty of sleep!

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