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Course Selection: Have No Fear Help is Here!

By Katrina Agnitti 19’

Staff writer


As this time a year comes around students tend to become stressed. There are midterms that need to be studied for and there is course selection. Course selection is when student have to pick out their courses for the next semester.

Course selection might be stressful and confusing. However, as long as you have a game plan and an idea of what classes you need to take you should be all set.

First off the Merrimack website has list of majors and minors that are available. If you go  to the website and click on academics at the top and it will bring you to tell the programs that are offered here at Merrimack. Another great resource is your academic advisor. Every student has an academic advisor that is able to meet with you and give you information and guidance into your academic career. Academic advisors are pretty helpful. Usually if you send a quick email they will be willing to meet with you and answer any questions you might have.

The week of registration you will have a meeting with your academic advisor. Before you meet with your advisor you are supposed to have an idea of what classes you want to take. Logging onto MyMack will give you a listing of all the classes that are being offered. If you click on the “student info tab” and then click on “course search” you will be able to select the area of studies and then class will show up. Be sure to select “undergraduate.” The class information such as time, day and professor will be available.

When trying to pick out classes before you actually register be sure that you have backup options just in case the class is full or your schedule will interfere with other classes. Also make sure that you have clearance to sign up for a particular class. Sometimes students will think they can take up class but then when they go sign up it won’t let them because the class has a prerequisite or because they did not pay for the next semester yet.

You will get an email with your registration group number. The group number has a specific time on it and that is the time you will have access to register. Once you are able to log in MyMack you will be able to add your classes. Be aware that the next group registration time will come a half hour after yours begins. Therefore its is important that you are able to register for your classes at the time you are assigned so you do not miss out on classes you need to take.

With that being said staying calm and stress free will get you through the course selection process. Just remember that the Merrimack faculty is always willing to help and ensure that you sign up for the right classes.