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Compass Suite Opening

Courtney Aznavoorian, Staff Writer ’16

Exciting things are happening for the Compass program as a new space is being created for it on the third floor of the library where the Arundel room previously was. This space will be exclusively for students and staff who are a part of the Compass program. It will include offices for all of the academic counselors for Compass, as well as one for the peer leaders. Couches will be set up in a lounge type of style, along with desks around the room. This space will be very beneficial as the Compass program is continuing to grow and thrive. Students will have the opportunity to become a tighter knit community, and it will be convenient to have the Compass advisors available in that same place. The space officially opened Sept. 24 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony done by President Hopey.

In case you were wondering exactly what the Compass program is, it is a program that is managed by Jennifer Evans, and it is designed to provide students with experiences and resources to help them achieve success and realize their own potential. It is especially beneficial for freshmen because it helps make the transition from high school to college easier with cohort classes, as well as small class sizes. In addition, one-on-one meetings with an academic counselor ensure that the students stay on track for success. Students also learn important skills such as time management, reading, writing, and self-cultivation.

The program has been around for almost four years now, and it is becoming increasingly successful. It began with 40 freshmen starting each year, and now it has increased to about 60. Compass will serve a grand total 150 students this year. With this trend continuing, there will be at least 240 more students expected to be in the program by 2018. It is because of their continued success that this space is being made.

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