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Commuters Have a Voice

By Julia Pierce ’17

Staff Writer


Merrimack College has a high volume of commuter students and now it has an organization on campus to help keep a “close-knit” feel for students living both on and off campus.

Agneris Vazquez, a member and leader of the Commuter Student Association (CSA), gave insight on what the organization is all about.

Vazquez is one of the first people to start the CSA at Merrimack, which was established in 2014. Vazquez admits that “It has grown so much!” with a current listing of 100 participants.

According to Vazquez, if one chooses to join the CSA, perks include, “going on trips, swag, and other things.” Just because the organization is listed for commuters, residential students are also welcome to trips and meetings as well.

Vazquez shared that a typical CSA meeting consists of “various issues on campus for commuters” and “we discuss different events we could do on campus or off campus.”

For those interested in joining these meetings, sessions are held on campus in the 47 Lounge. Newcomers are always welcome to contribute in order to create new ideas and friends.

Vazquez said one of the biggest issues facing the CSA is a lack of dedicated space for commuters.

“The most frustrating part about this organization is that we do not have our own space on campus just for commuters,” Vazquez said. “We are working to make this a thing in the past. We are hoping to have our own space on campus just for commuters.”

For more details about the CSA, please refer to the What’s Up emails, social media, and fliers posted on Main Street as well as in academic buildings. If interested, all students are encouraged and welcome to join the CSA.