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Chipotle Delivery

Hana Block ’15

Staff Writer

It started out as a research project for Professor Stasio’s marketing entrepreneur class. A group of students came together and began doing research on current demands of the student body. Taking to the Internet, they began pulling data and research from social media outlets such as Facebook and twitter to find out first hand the desires students really crave. The answer, for Chipotle to deliver to campus.

Chipotle is a chain of restaurants founded in 1993 specializing in Mexican cuisine and is one of the first chains of fast casual dining establishment. The name Chipotle derives from the name of a dried jalapeño chili pepper and the restaurants mission statement reads Food with integrity, highlighting the company’s efforts of its use of organic ingredients. The closest Chipotle is 0.7 miles away located at 93 Turnpike Street, North Andover, a quick drive right down the road from Merrimack College.

The experiment was implemented at the end of February and lasted for a total of two weeks; and with the company’s consent, the marketing research group created a Chipotle delivery service. Students were able to place their order online and members of the groups would deliver the meals across the campus. There was a $3 delivery fee per item and delivery was available Tuesday through Sunday between the hours of 6-7. The group also teamed up with Merrimack’s Daily Digest and uploaded an online excel sheet where students filled out their name, phone number, and order. After students placed and paid for their order online through Chipotle’s website, they then had to fill out the information on the online Daily Digest excel sheet. After this was done, all one had to do was sit back, relax, and wait for their meal!

Senior Giulia Palombo, who a member of the marketing class stated the following about the project “Overall the project was a success and the group ended up profiting $250.There were a few issues that came up, but in the end the project received good feedback overall.”

Although Chipotle has no immediate future plans for implementing a permanent delivery system, it may be a good idea for any future Merrimack entrepreneurs.

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