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Celtics Vs. Wizards 10/30/22

Richard DiMarzo

Finally getting back on track after two straight losses, the Celtics stomp the Wizards in a 112-94 victory. The Celtics looked amazing in this one and it was a great team effort to complete the victory. Yes, the Celtics were heavily favored in this one and it is not much of a surprise that they came out on top, but it is just great to see them get back on track. Highlighting the top performers we have three names today which include Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Malcolm Brogdon. Brogdon and Tatum scored both scored 23 points and Brown came in with a 24-point performance which is a sight we love to see. The two stars Brown and Tatum have been balling every game so far but seeing Brogdon get in there and play better every game is something the Celtics are absolutely loving.

Now it is time to dissect each side of the ball starting with the offensive end which was spectacular for Boston in this one. The Celtics looked very dangerous in this one shooting 45.6% from the field and an amazing 44.7% from three-point range which was what led them to win the contest. The Celtics are a team that is built of shooters and that is what makes them so dangerous. It is very hard to beat a team when they shoot the ball that well, but this is not a coincidence for this team, the Celtics are a bunch of snipers from three-point land.

Now moving over to the defense this is something that you will not see on the stat sheet, but if you watch closely every game the Celtics’ defense causes teams to take a lot of tough shots. The Celtics are great at making other teams struggle on offense and limiting open looks. Now taking this into consideration you can see that the Celtics cause the Wizards to shoot 38.8% from the field and a very weak 21.9% from three-point range. This is mainly due to how great the Celtics are on the defensive end, and how great they are at taking good looks away from other teams. Overall, this was a great team win for Boston where they really got the job done on both ends of the floor, and now they are going to continue to carry this success into their next game on Wednesday against Cleveland.