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Carrie Underwood is a “Storyteller” With New Album

By Colleen Rockwell ‘18

Staff Writer


Carrie Underwood’s fifth studio album “Storyteller” was released on October 23, 2015. It has been a long three and a half years since country music’s queen has released an album.

Underwood’s music on this album is more country sounding than her previous albums that have been country-pop. Dylan Scott, who is currently a sophomore at Merrimack and a fan of Underwood says, “I think it’s a lot different than her previous album. I think every single song is still really great and she delivered with her vocals as always.”

“Smoke Break” was released on August 21, 2015, and has served as the first single off this album. Many can relate to this song because the lyrics say that everyone needs a break from all the stress in their lives. This song is very different sounding from any of Underwood’s music. One might not carrie underwood storytellereven notice that she is singing the song if they hear the song for the first time on the radio.

“What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” is a sweet song about Underwood’s N.H.L. husband, Mike Fisher, and their baby boy, Isaiah. Underwood sings that she was fine with not being in a relationship, but she then met her now husband. Once she made a family for herself, she never knew how much she wanted a family until she had it.

Another striking song off her new album is “The Girl You Think I Am,” which sums up Underwood’s close relationship with her father. Underwood knows she has flaws, but her father thinks she can do the unstoppable. She sings that she wants to live up to her dad’s expectations of who he thinks his daughter is. This song is one of the best off her album because it is genuine.

On most albums, no matter who the artist is, there is always a repetitive song. On Underwood’s album, that song happens to be “Renegade Runaway.” The first cords of the song draw the listeners in, and it is very upbeat.  Underwood mentions that the female she is singing about is an outlaw so fans understand that the female rebels.

Carrie Underwood has also always put a revenge song on all her albums to date. This album isn’t any different because “Church Bells” is the song that shouts revenge. Jenny, who is the female in the song, is getting revenge because she happens to be in an abusive relationship and cannot take it any longer. She wants to get rid of her husband and she proceeds to slip a substance into his whiskey and her husband dies. With the church bells ringing, it symbolizes freedom from her marriage and freedom from the abuse. “Church Bells” has the same message as Martina McBride’s “Independence Day,” about getting away from an abusive husband.

Overall, “Storyteller” is filled with amazing stories that are worth listening to. Underwood’s fifth album is an album that her fans will hit replay once the last song on the album ends.


Photo sources: Countyourfitter.life & Carrie Underwood

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