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Career Services Hosts First Ever Major/Minor Fair

Robert Perocchi, Staff Writer


Merrimack College’s first ever Major/Minor Fair kicked off with a bang on Feb 8. Professors and students set up tables in the multi-purpose room of the Sak and offered information for students to help them decide on a major or minor.

“An excellent chance for undeclared students to explore their options,” said Professor MaryKay Mahoney.

The fair offered students a chance to talk to professors who teach in a specific major as well as students who are either majors or minors in that field. Each major had its own table complete with decorations, informative handouts, video presentations, candy, and several examples of student work.

The ultimate purpose of the fair was to get students to learn more about the numerous options they have at Merrimack, both during their time here and for their lives after graduation.

With professors and students to talk to in each major, all of a student’s questions could be answered. Any inquiries about the books or projects they will have to complete or about the amount of homework and how fun the classes are could be answered by either a professor or student.

With approximately 200 students in attendance, the results seemed a little low compared to how many students are either undeclared or considering a second major or minor.

Senior Glenna Mugavero summarized it: ”Sometimes these fairs don’t work, but some kids took initiative to show up and learn about majors and minors despite a lack of advertising.”

This year the majors competed to see who had the most interesting and eye-catching table, with electrical engineering walking away with the title.

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