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Captain’s Corner

By Thomas Dowd ’17

Staff Writer


Mara Payne (Senior, Women’s rowing)

Where are you from?

I am from the quaint Cape Cod town of Sandwich, MA.

What is your major?

Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

How long have you been rowing?

The end of my senior year season this year will mark my 4th year rowing. I started rowing as a freshman when I came to Merrimack.

What was your most memorable rowing match here at Merrimack?

The most memorable race I’ve competed in was the Head of the Charles in Boston. It’s a huge race with over 3,000 competitors on a very challenging course.

How have you grown as a player/leader from freshman year till now?

I’ve grown tremendously as a rower since freshman year. I came in as a complete walk-on novice, not evening knowing what rowing was, to being able to compete in our top boats. Thanks to the patience and guidance of my coach and teammates, I not only was able to improve upon myself but also was also able to become a two-year co-captain (with Aubrey O’Neil). Thankfully, together, we’ve been able to guide the team through successful seasons.

What goals do you have for this season?

This season means a lot to our entire team. We are striving to make it to the Henley Regatta, over in England. Henley is the race that every rower dreams of making it to, so to race for the last time together in that regatta would be icing on top of the cake.






Sam Gervais (Junior, Women’s Golf)

Where are you from?

Chelmsford, MA

What is your major?

Marketing and Communication

How long have you been playing golf for?

I have grown up playing golf ever since I was little with my family. I didn’t start really playing until I was 10 years old. I just did a few tournaments but spent most of my time having fun playing with my dad and brother.

What has been your most memorable match here at Merrimack?

My most memorable match at Merrimack was this year. I would have to say it was probably winning the NE-10 tournament. It was held in New York and it was such a fun experience. We were so excited to be in the lead after the first day. We played our best in the last round and won the tournament. It’s always nice winning as a team because we know how much our hard work is paying off.

How have you grown as a player/leader from freshman year till now?

I have grown as a leader throughout my experience playing golf at Merrimack in many ways. I was very nervous my freshman year playing on the team and it took me a while to get comfortable. The previous captains were so important to me because they were great leaders and helped me so much along the way. They understood where I was coming from and did anything they could to make my time on the team more enjoyable and fun. I have tried my best to be a leader these past few years. I try to reach out to the incoming freshman to make sure I can help them with golf and any other problems they are having. Since I have been captain this year I have learned how to communicate with my team and make sure everyone is comfortable in a new environment.

What goals do you have for this season?

This season, my main goal is to have fun with my team and perform our best. We all work so hard at practice that I hope that we can continue our success together. We hope to shoot low as a team at our tournaments. We are hosting a tournament this upcoming fall in New York and as a team it would be a great honor to win at our tournament.