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Business Students Win Portfolio Competition

Kailey Fenton ’21

Staff Writer

For the first time ever, a team of students from the Girard School of Business beat 60 other colleges in the portfolio competition by obtaining first prize for growth fund performance in the Global Asset Management Education Forum (G.A.M.E.).

The fifteen Merrimack students, along with Mary Papazian, who is the Managing Director of the Mucci Capital Markets Lab in the Girard School of Business at Merrimack College, traveled to New York City on March 26 and returned on the 30. During the trip, the students traveled to different firms and alumni receptions. While in New York City, the group also competed in the G.A.M.E. forum for their seventh consecutive year. Though they have previously competed in the G.A.M.E. forum, this year was the first year the group entered the portfolio contest.

In order to enter the portfolio competition, students had to manage a real fund for at least a year in one of the four areas consisting of growth, value, fixed income, or international. The group was able to gain these financial skill experiences by using the available resources in the new Mucci Capital Markets Lab on campus.

“The G.A.M.E. Forum provides an international group of college students and faculty, numbering nearly 1,500, with a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders and learn best practices in investment management,” according to Merrimack’s website.

The Merrimack College Investment Fund is a student organization that is responsible for managing an equity portfolio. The Investment Fund’s goal, according to its website, is to “seek to provide long term capital appreciation while offering a chance for motivated students to experience first hand investment decisions that will be transferable to real-life applications.”