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Brady’s Back, Back Again

By Kayla Regan ’17

Staff Writer 


After months of uproar and hysteria surrounding the “Deflategate” suspension, Tom Brady finally made an appearance back on his home turf with the New England Patriots. On Sunday October 16th during a 1:00 competition against the Cincinnati Bengals, Brady ran out of the tunnel and the place went wild.

Before his grand entrance, fans were anxiously awaiting this moment. “Brady” chants were started out in the streets as the excited fans walked over to the stadium. The anticipation for this game was unlike any other for Patriot’s fans. The line to get through security was filled and lengthy far before the start of the game because no one wanted to miss Brady’s entrance.

There were Brady jerseys and signs everywhere you looked in Gillette Stadium. Although he has always been a fan favorite, the crowd’s excitement to see him back on the field was indescribable. Following every play that he made, the crowd was cheering and screaming. New England fans were showing so much praise for their missed, iconic quarterback.

With three touchdown passes and exceeding 5,000 career completions, Brady led the Patriots to a 35-17 victory over the Bengals. When the game was over, fans were energetic and the chanting continued. They returned to their tailgates and fled to the nearest bars and restaurants surrounding the stadium. Every conversation that was overheard was about Tom Brady and his winning return.

Students at Merrimack College watched the game with seemingly similar excitement. Senior JT Lynch comments on Brady’s return. He said, “Four Superbowl rings, best quarterback of all time, try to be better than him, you can’t”. Another Patriots fan, senior, Daniel Loprete said, “Tom Brady is the GOAT. Greatest of all time. Simple as that”.

Needless to say, New England fans are excited about Brady’s return. All look forward to what the rest of the Patriot’s season has in store, especially now that their leader is back in action.