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Boston experiences ‘Amy Schumer Live’

By Megan Snow 20

Staff Writer


“Ahh…I love drinking on the job,” declares Amy as she takes a swig of Chardonnay and receives an uproar of applause and laughter from the sold-out show. Along with the recent publishing of her book “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo,” Schumer is touring America as well as Europe and Australia doing stand-up shows before the year comes to an end. She made an appearance at the TD Garden on Thursday, Sept. 19 and brought a bottle of wine, hours worth of personal and uproarious stories, and an unconditional appreciation for the city of Boston.

Schumer started her journey to fame in the world of comedy in the early 2000s. She performed at comedy clubs all over New York and was finally recognized by Comedy Central when she participated in the “Roast of Charlie Sheen” in 2007. She was then offered her own TV show in 2013 on Comedy Central called “Inside Amy Schumer,” which won an Emmy two years later. Currently, Amy is touring and appearing in Bud Light commercials, which she proudly announced at her show on Thursday.

Just like any other stand-up comedian, Schumer is known for her stage presence and side-splitting humor. What makes her stand out from the vast amount of comedians in the entertainment business is the amount of passion she has for social issues such as gun control. When her movie “Trainwreck” was released, an incident occurred at a screening in Louisiana where a deranged man shot and killed two young women. Since the attack, Schumer has included segments in her shows about her strong opinions towards reconfiguring gun laws.

Schumer’s show at the Garden was nothing less than mind-blowingly funny. Although she did stand-up for well over an hour after her opener Rachel Feinstein, I did not want it to end by the time it was over. She bounced back and forth from hilarious life experiences like meeting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Clinton’s birthday bash, her Paris vacation with her boyfriend, to advertising her new Bud Light commercial, and concluding it with expressing strong opinions on positive body image.

She talked about the making of “Trainwreck” and her experience with losing weight for the movie.

“Thank god I look stupid skinny,” she joked.

Schumer closed the show with endless appreciation and love for Boston as she scooted off stage in her red dress, wine bottle in hand. Her raunchy humor and love for alcohol left an impression on the audience at TD Garden. She will be continuing her tour in the United States until December. I can’t give away all the details. You’ll just have to see her for yourself.