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Bloomberg Markets Lab

Vince Bellino ’14, Financial Editor, Shane Simbeck ’15, Staff Writer 

A Bloomberg Terminal is essentially a computer system provided by Bloomberg L.P. that provides access to real time financial market data or any desired news across the world. The Bloomberg Markets Lab is located in the back of the Volpe Expansionary Athletic Complex. In the lab, there are over ten terminals, equipped with dual monitors, and specialized keyboards. The enhanced keyboards provide color- coded keys that allow easy accessibility to common keystrokes combinations.

The world of finance is a dynamic marketplace that requires a continuous level of high operational efficiency. With access to the Bloomberg Terminals, students will enhance their financial knowledge and resourcefulness within the competitive industry. Students will have the opportunity to complete Bloomberg’s core requirement exam that simply highlights their key functions and resources offered for dynamic accessibility.

Upon completion, students may choose to become certified within four market sectors: Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, and Foreign Exchange. Equities can be classified as an asset class that consists of investment vehicles such as common stock or a mutual fund. A mutual fund is, but not limited to a compilation of various stocks.

Fixed Income may refer to debt instruments like Treasury Securities (government issued debt) or Municipal Bonds (which are state issued securities to finance state capital expenditures I.e. Bridge). Commodities are physical goods that may be exchanged in commerce such as oil or coffee.

Lastly, Foreign Exchange provides market data on exchange rates that may determine the strength of our global currencies. The examples listed above within each sector are only a brief glimpse of the myriad of alternative investment vehicles that trade on a daily basis. Through the accessibility of the Bloomberg Terminals, Merrimack College students will have the ability to develop a broader understanding of the capital markets. All students are welcome to learn about the opportunities provided by the Bloomberg Markets Lab and expand upon their financial knowledge.

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